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How to Trade

If you want to start your business in your country we can support you from Japan. The minimum order is 1-3 units when using the roll-on roll-off shipping method, and 4-6 units (depending on the size of the cars) when shipping by container.

We export all makes and models of Japanese vehicles and foreign vehicles, and we can supply both used car parts and whole vehicles, so please contact us today with details of the vehicle models, quantities, and conditions that you would like. An indication of your target price would also help us in arranging your order as quickly as possible. We have staff who can speak English, Japanese, Khmer, and Thai.


1. You send us details of your desired car(s)

Please contact us with full details of your desired car(s), including preferred maker, model, colour, condition, mileage etc., and full contact details. Our English-speaking office staff will also be happy to assist you with selection of suitable cars.



2. We send you our cost and freight estimate

We will then provide you with a written cost and freight (C&F) invoice, detailing all expected car and shipping costs.



3. You make a deposit payment

Once we receive your approval of the C&F invoice, we require a deposit payment. Normally, this is 50% of the total cost and freight (C&F) invoice. We accept payment by telegraphic transfer (T/T remittance) only.



4. We send you details of car(s) coming at auction

In the following days, we will search all car auctions for suitable cars to match your requirements. We source right-hand drive cars from Japanese car auctions nationwide, and also from our 3 large stock yards.


Once we have found suitable cars coming up at auction, we will email you with full details about the condition of the car(s) and photos. Please note that some auctions in Japan do not provide photographs.



5. We purchase your car(s) at auction

With your approval, we will purchase your car(s) at auction, and take care of the transferral of ownership documents.



6. We prepare shipping documents

We arrange transport from the auction house to the nearest suitable shipping port, and prepare loading documentation for overseas shipping.



7. After shipping, we send you copies of documents

Once the car(s) has been shipped (either via container ship or RO-RO ferry), we will send you copies of the bill of lading (B/L) documents required for receipt of your car at your chosen port.



8. You make final payment, and receive full documents

The final stage is to make a final payment - normally this is the remaining 50% of the cost and freight (C&F) invoice. We accept payment by telegraphic transfer (T/T remittance) only.


Upon confirmation of the final payment, we will send you the originals of the bill of lading (B/L) documents. Enjoy your quality new or used car(s)!




If you have any other questions regarding our services or procedures, please don't hesitate to contact us.